Tuesday, February 14, 2012


You’ve been asking about it…it’s HERE!  The USGBC Center for Green Schools


How many of us realize how strongly the physical learning space effects student health and performance?  The USGBC Center For Green Schools has been able to verify how much a classroom environment can effect students. The USGBC is launching a new program specifically to teach educators about how to make their schools more sustainable and healthy places in which to learn, work and teach.

The Green Classroom Professional Certificate program, created for parents, teachers, administrators, paraprofessionals and operations and maintenance professionals, will provide the tools they can use to make classrooms healthier and sustainable and impacting the next generation of students.
According to information on the USGBC Center for Green Schools, the certificate program will encourage teachers to:
·         Gain knowledge in green building practices, particularly for their classrooms and schools
·         Use knowledge to make classroom/learning spaces healthier and sustainable learning   environments
·         Help foster an attitude among youth and future generations to appreciate and model green building and sustainable practices
·         Support green building and sustainability practices through energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction and improved indoor air quality
·         Support health among school occupants and decrease student absenteeism due to environmental factors

According to feedback provided by teachers from around the country who have already reviewed the program;
a) The program addresses many learning styles
b) The program is applicable to teachers who are involved with different subjects related to the environment or sustainability.
c) The certificate program is flexible and allows teachers and others to complete 12 virtual modules and an online assessment wherever they have a computer and an internet connection.
Teachers want to educate in a space where the health and well-being of our future leaders and their own health is paramount will want to participate in this program. Through this program teachers have an opportunity to learn new ways to make classrooms healthier learning spaces for students and other classroom occupants.
March 2012 is the scheduled date for the launch of the program, so make sure you check back for more information about how you can enroll!  For more information, visit: centerforgreenschools.org/greenclassroom.
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